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We serve Chicken Dinner!

Whether you are SOLO, DUO or a full squad with PUBG coming soon to both the Xbox One X and Xbox One you'll have plenty of options for dinning partners who enjoy a good chicken dinner just like you do. Start your trial today and become a part of our growing family.
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Want a chance to win regular prize giveaways? What about an improved discord server with more features and channels? This and more as we improve LMG will be available to our supporter members only. We are offering access to this early so if you want to help keep this awesome community alive and well, and like the sound of winning stuff then sign-up today for a full membership to LMG.
Let's Go!

Multi-Platform Gaming

We started off as a small group, exclusive to Xbox 2 years ago. Today we are slowly growing our player base of Playstation users. Sign up and start a trial today to get on-board with our rapidly expanding adult gaming community!
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Not just for console gamers!

Although we house a huge population of console gamers, many of those same gamers also enjoy their share of PC gaming. Come join our growing community and get your "master race" on at LMG.
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Get To Know Us!

Join our discord server today and get to know us.

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League of Mature Gamers

About us

Good games come and go, but a great gamer community plays through it all. The League of Mature Gamers was started as a way to give like-minded adult gamers a more mature gaming experience. We’re constantly adding players to our regularly scheduled (a.k.a. nightly) events, so if you’re a mature 18+ individual with a slight video game obsession and can hold your own behind the joysticks, let’s play together!


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