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Nothing says "I love LMG!" like custom swag from our store. Shop for t-shirts, hoodies, sports ts, coffee mugs, mouse pads and so much more! Choose from sizes all the way up to 5XL or 3XLT and a variety of colors. Colors vary by product. No waiting for minimum orders to be completed. Simply select your product, customize it to your liking and order. Your order gets processed right away and shipped when complete. Full 30 day money back guarantee.
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Want a chance to win regular prize giveaways? What about an improved discord server with more features and channels? This and more as we improve LMG will be available to our supporter members only. We are offering access to this early so if you want to help keep this awesome community alive and well, and like the sound of winning stuff then sign-up today for a full membership to LMG.
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We've got a MINECRAFT server! Survival and Creative servers online. Available for LMG Members now. Ask LMG Lost Bryan or LMG Slipscream for details in Discord. Post will be up soon with details for LMG Members only.
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Discord is a real-time voice and chat server that has come to be the standard for communities and interest groups to stay in touch. We use it here religiously and it's a great way for our new members to interact with the community and get to know everyone. In combination with our gaming calendar, Discord becomes a powerful weapon in the battle to stay connected! Works on Desktop and mobile devices! So come join us today!
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Legend of the Green Dragon

If you remember Bulletin Board Systems growing up, chances are you probably played Legend of the RED DRAGON. If not, I'm sorry because you missed out! Good news is, as a way of paying homage to Seth Ables LoRD, Legend of the GREEN DRAGON was created. It can be played on the web and we just so happen to have our own LotGD server now.
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League News
  • Congrats and welcome to our newest members: FlaMingBanshee2 - JJiggyy - Lucky 2115 - R3D D3V1L - Leifo
  • Start a trial membership today and start gaming with awesome adult gamers!
  • Consider subscribing to LMG and be automatically entered into all of our prize giveaways!
  • Play Legend of the Green Dragon today! Web based, time killing, and strangely addicting RPG fun.

Menu changes

We've made some menu changes.  Please familiarize yourself now with the new menus.  Forums, clubs and calendars can be found under SOCIAL.  Articles also contains a link to FAQs.  Amazon is now listed under STORE


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Good games come and go, but a great gamer community plays through it all. The League of Mature Gamers was started as a way to give like-minded adult gamers a more mature gaming experience. We’re constantly adding players to our regularly scheduled (a.k.a. nightly) events, so if you’re a mature 18+ individual with a slight video game obsession and can hold your own behind the joysticks on Xbox One, let’s play together!

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