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    August 2018 - Mr. Destiny (LMG_xsergicalx)

    September is upon us and with it comes the fall season and cooler temperatures.  Warm cups of coffee enjoyed with a friend, significant other or with perhaps, your favorite streamer.  Nothing beats it.  With hot coco and cool temperatures also comes Septembers Streamer of The Month!  This month we feature LMGs resident lover of all things Destiny,  Mr.  Destiny (AKA Serg.)  Serg has been with LMG since day one and always represents LMG proudly, never asking for anything in return.  He is gracious and a true gentleman.  Someone you will learn would give you the shirt off of their back.  So let's get to it and kick off September with our latest SoTM!

    Q.  We know the Serg we interact with daily at LMG but who is the man in front of the proverbial camera?   What does Mr. Destiny do when he isn’t slaying aliens and saving the universe from the darkness?
    A.  The things that I do when I’m not streaming or slaying aliens is what all grown people should be doing and that is working, lol. I currently work as a cook at Chick-Fil-A, and when I’m not working I'm at home taking care of the wifey as her PCA (Personal Care Assistant). The man behind the camera or in front of the camera is this guy who grew up from nothing and made things happen all on my own, as a father of four + 1 step-daughter from marriage. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and going through all the struggles of life I can say at least I have a high school diploma as well as a college degree in audio and video production. I have no filter what so ever but I keep all the harsh comments to myself unless someone pisses me off or tries to down me in any kind of way. I’m a cool laid back guy until someone crosses that line, and also those who grew up with me call me Tre or Tremayne, the streets call me Serg or Sergical from days when I use to record rap music which I could’ve made a career out of, but the music business is so toxic it’ll make you want to kill somebody, literally.
    Q.  You said you used to rap?  That's very cool.  Can you make a rap about LMG?  Seriously though that is very cool stuff.  Where did you find inspiration during those days to come up with your rap lyrics?
    A.  Yes, i use to rap but i gave that all up and have better things to do plus since i have been a member of the LMG community i have shared a lot of my music with a few of our members. I'm sure i could write the lyrics to a LMG rap song but im not sure it would come out the way i want it to be. My inspiration came from the life I lived plus the music I use to listen to where the artist or group would keep it 100 on the mic and off the mic, the way i live now, cuz i live by the code and i will die by the code, simple as that. All this other mumbo jumbo rap music we hear today is straight trash for the most part and the music business is shady as hell anyways. Knowledge come first when it comes to the lyrics i use to write and the delivery and presence I use to put into my work, nowadays there is nothing like it. You have to be legit in all aspect when you are doing a rap song or people might not believe you or the stories you tell.
    Flat out, I just a real muthafukka
    Q.  How old is Mr.  Destiny?
    A.  I was born Feb 11, 1974 and blessed to be the age of 44, and 45 is almost here and not trying to have the big head, I look better than most of these young punks at my age because I take good care of myself and refuse to be a sloppy mess out here in the real world.
    Q.  Your tag line, if you will,  reads “Father, Filmmaker, Gamer”   If you could only do TWO things in that list what would the two be?  P.S. I know it isn’t a fair question
    A.  If I only could pick two things out of my tag line that reads “Father, Filmmaker, Gamer” It would have to be Father because that’s the first thing I am, to my wife and to my kids and grand kids at that, and Gamer second because I love gaming, and gaming is a way of life. Not only does it help cope with things it can also be a get away place when gaming, especially with friends doing the things we all love to do, playing video games.
    Q.  Not a lot of people know the film maker side of you.  Can you share some experiences you had making films?  Would you be willing to share a link to your work so others can see it?
    A.  My experiences in filmmaking has been a blast and I actually had a passion for it but as the industry grows and the technology of capturing motion or still shots has out done me, especially in the Tri-State that I live in. Their not huge on hiring new people in my area and I don’t have the means to move somewhere else that would honor my degree and anything else under my belt so I chose to become a freelancer creating my own business to acquire clients that I could work for. I have had the honor to meet and have the pleasure to work with some fine people in this field of work such as Zo Wesson who taught me so much as a filmmaker and who learned from of the best Gordon Parks, who was the director of the Original Shaft film starring Richard Roundtree. Zo has been a huge inspiration in my film career as well as many others. I have links to some of my work, demo reels and more that I would like to share. This is only a little taste of what I can do and what I have done, even though I have put the filmmaking on the back burner and sold most of my gear to close friends in the same field.

    Q.  Along with being a father you are a husband as well.  Your wife battles chronic illness, from what I understand.   Do you mind sharing what that illness is and how it impacts your day to day life. 
    A.  My wife isn’t in the best of health as she has COPD, massive back problems as well as a few mental issues due to having a long life I assume, it all didn’t happen over night but as the years progress so did her symptoms and what not. It has put a huge impact on day to day life because with my wife being disabled and collects SSI, I’m unable to work a full 40 hour week, and leaving her home alone with having no help whatsoever, such as pain meds which she use to get but was kicked out due to THC being in her system, no other pain clinic has contacted her and two psych doctors has already quit on her with out having or giving her a back up plan. We’re currently seeing a therapist for her which seems promising because the lady actually seems like she cares and want to help and not only that, we live on the third floor in our apartment complex every step going down or up really hurts her back and her left leg and hip which she thinks arthritis is kicking in very heavily but we wont know nothing until we see a doctor and they called her today to cancel and she cant go see her primary doctor until Oct. United States medical is a bunch of bullshit if you ask me.
    Q.  Does your wife game?  If so what is her go-to game of choice?
    A.  Does my wife game you ask?, Why yes she does and she only plays on the PS3 and PS4 and her all time favorite game is the God of War series, but she also loves some Red Dead Redemption and GTA V and earlier series of GTA. Since the rise of Destiny 2 I have had the pleasure of getting her into that game and she loves it as well even though she is not quit ready for raiding or playing with a lot of other people due to her anxiety and what not. Maybe with the Forsaken hype she would be more interested in raiding and stuff of that nature. We will have to see.
    Q.  Community seems to be an important thing to you.  You’ve been a positive presence at LMG since LMG began.  Why is community so important to you and  what is it about LMG that keeps you in the community?
    A.  Community is important to me for the simple fact of it being a gaming community and as a community we all can get together and enjoy games sort of like the old Arcade room days, but these days it is more online. A community such as LMG is important to me and the thing that keeps me in the LMG community is because im a part of something no matter how big or small we are. We’re like a family of gamers connected through console or PC, but regardless we’re connected and we have good times no matter what the game is. The banter and the chatter of our streams or non-streams is something I’m blessed to be a part of as well, with LMG growing everyday, and even though we’re not just a Destiny gaming community I found LMG though the ranks of Destiny players and will forever be a League of Mature Gamers, all that and a big bag of chips.
    Q.  How long have you been gaming for?  Your profile says since the PONG days?  Are you serious?  OG Pong?
    A.  I have been gaming for a very long time and I remember my first home console or whatever being Pong, yes the OG Pong which thats all it was, 1 game, 2 paddles and a box that you connect to the antennae parts in the back of your tv and the game was in B&W, lol. Those was the days way before Atari 2600 came out, Intellivison, CollecoVision, Commador 64, Atari 7200 and everything else, I go way way way back in the days of gaming and not being bored at home, but as a kid I still found time to play out side with the kids who didn’t have a home base game to play with.
    Q.  You started streaming back in December of 2016.  Since then your channel has shown steady consistent growth.  When I say consistent I mean it.  You have no dips in followers or views, just a nice steady climb.  Why do you think you have had such success and steady growth?
    A.  I believe I have had a steady growth in my stream due to my knowledge of gaming, being myself on camera or off camera when I’m streaming and most importantly I think a major part of it comes from my wonderful voice that people always say I have and have been saying that before I started streaming. I wouldn’t called it success just yet because I’m not a partnered streaming on Twitch which if that
    does happen, maybe things will grow even more, but until then I believe its all about the person I am on and off the game and staying connected with those that come to watch me broadcast. I don’t have a PC or a streaming rig as of yet but when that day come people will see more of my workspace and my facial when I go live so they can put the voice with the look I put on every time I go Live. And success comes to those who work hard to earn that success, and trust me, I’m no God, but I do love this little hobby of mines as I hold my own and build on    my community at The Avenue.
    Trend data shown above in 2017.  LMG_xsergicalx shows nothing but a steady climb.
    Q.  Related to the previous question, your stream seems to break the mold in terms of setup.  That is to say, general rules of thumb state that a web cam for example and a nice layout are important.  Yet, you utilize a very minimal and simple setup.  Just the game and your audio.  Do you think the rules are wrong and misinformed or is it just that sexy voice of yours that keep people coming back for more?  Something else?
    A.  Yeah, I really do think it is my sexy voice that keeps them coming back and mostly the gamers that I play with and fellow streamers I game with are part of the community im trying to brand at the avenue. Yes indeed my streaming set up is very minimal due to lack of funds just for streaming, but I can only do what I capable of as a streamer at the moment and I don’t think the rules are misinformed, I just think as a small streamer, we all have to start out somewhere and I feel that viewers understand that, well most of them for the most part do, but not all of them do or maybe I would have reached a 1000 followers by now. Keeping viewers and having some things so they can interact in chat or your channel is important as well considering I don’t have all the bells and whistles as some of these streamers I watch, so by the grace of God, I’m blessed to have some growth in my channel and a following if you want to consider that as well.
    Q.  What do you enjoy most about streaming?
    A.  The things that I enjoy most about streaming is the capability to connect with others on games that they like or haven’t tried yet and explaining the games or games to viewers as I play them when they do come to watch. Some are friends, some are just followers and some are lurkers, which is all love and being the kind of person that I am helps me continue to enjoy streaming with others and for others.
    Q.  Lets hop in the DeLorean and dial up the future.  Set for September 1st, 2019.  Where do we find you and your stream?
    A.  Hopefully by this time next year I would have reached way over a 1000 followers and maybe a shorter road to being partnered but if it doesn’t happen, you will still see me going Live on my twitch channel representing LMG and my peeps to the fullest, you wont see me beg for followers nor donations, it is free to watch on my channel and me still being the person I am you will find me doing IRL streams and gaming streams with new and old games that people still love to watch or play.
    According to the image above, Serg better get some shades cause the future is gonna be bright!
    Q.  Marvel or DC Comics?
    A.  DC comics are good, and Marvel is great but I do love the underdogs of comic books like DarkHorse who brung out Hamster Vice, but if I had to chose one, it would definitely be Marvel because Stan Lee is just so f’in awesome, plus the Marvel Movie list just goes on and on and on.
    Q.  If you were given just one super power, what would that power be?
    A.  If I had one super power to chose from it would be that of Professor X so I can get in the head of all the dumb asses in the world and all the racist people and using my power to hopefully make this world a better place for every race, creed and religion.
    Q.  What does the man behind the camera enjoy as a favorite food?
    A.  My favorite food is Soul Food, not one dish, just the food I grew up eating, Thankgiving dinner should be cooked any time of the year and just not on a holiday because I can eat that all day, but if I had to choose one dish, it would definitely be some kind of pasta, Chicken Alfredo with extra bread sticks on the side and some parmesan cheese on top, mmm hmmmm.
    Q.  Last question.  Not even really a question but an opportunity for you to share words of wisdom in both life and streaming.
    A.  The only words I have to share to the world, to my community, to my neighbors, to other races in the world, never give up hope in life as we all go through things from time to time, be kind to each other even if it kills you to do so because we all want to be treated the same way by each other, keep positive vibes even when the struggle in the real world is real, don’t let nothing hold you back from doing what you want to do as long as it is legal and if you have a love for videos games, then GGs, keep on trucking gamer, keep on trucking! 
    You can find Serg on twitch by following this LINK.  Go join The Avenue and show this amazing guy some love!
    Streamer of The Month is a monthly piece put together by @LMG RagingMoos3, the founder of LMG.  Want to be featured?  Our streamers who are supporters of the community all eventually make the spotlight so join LMG today.  You'll never find a more friendly and positive community.
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    Occupy White Walls - Now art is a game too!

    I am not an artsy fartsy guy.  Never really have been.  Sure I can appreciate artwork because I know what it must take.  I personally am terrible with traditional art.  What I draw looks more like stick men and less like anything remotely human.  I do love being creative though and building fantasy worlds.  The standard type of games like City Skylines or Sim City fill that desire I get to build from time to time.  So whenever I see another "builder" come across my feed, twitter in this case, I pay attention.  Could this be the next big addiction in my life in terms of gaming?  Well I can't tell you yet because I haven't touched this game.  I fully plan on it though.
    Occupy White Walls is a new early access MMO game from StikiPixels, a developer out of the UK.  I went to dig around to try and find a formal site where I could learn more about this indie game developer but to my surprise I couldn't find anything.  Looking at their twitter page, they joined back in November of 2017 so they are quite new although I am positive what they are sharing as a FREE TO PLAY game has been getting worked on for quite some time.  In case you missed it, I said FREE TO PLAY.  Now why am I mentioning that again?  Well once you are done reading and watch some of the clips provided I am sure you will wonder how something as gorgeous looking as this, can manage to be free.  
    When I first watched the clip of this MMO my first thought was it reminded me of a very glossy modern minecraft type of game.  You build your structure and furnish it.  The comparison stops there though as there are no zombies and arrow shooting skeletons to deal with.  Building and being creative is the name of the game.  The ultimate relaxing chill experience really if you think about it.
    So what can one do in this artistic world beside building a gallery for all of your fine art?  Well, after building it you need to furnish it.  Pick from 1000s of artwork pieces both game specific art and real world replicas.  You buy the artwork with in game money (how you earn this I do not know currently.)  This could be where one may see in game purchases but in another interview found here you get the sense that this company really wants to keep creativity and art a free thing available to all in the digital world.
    "Our vision for OWW is to liberate art from its economic boundaries, not reinforce them. It would make no sense to claim that we want art to be available to everybody and then allow paid-entrance galleries in the game" - Stiki Pixels via Matt Cox, Rock Paper Shotgun.  Read the full interview here
    The new MMO promises something truly unique as well.  The ability for both real world artists and fans to connect.  Artists can contribute to the MMO and players can buy this art with in game currency to display in their own galleries for friends and family to see.  Not only does this offer exposure for the artist but it truly creates a meaningful relationship between artist and fan.  Imagine a digital version of your favorite artist stopping by your digital gallery?  How cool would that be?

    I have to admit this title makes me feel weird.  Like in between two worlds.  For one, I think I would have to be in a very specific mood to play this but at the same time these guys are on to something big here and it strikes me as another step for society further towards digital social interaction beyond that of teamspeak or discord.  
    "We want to be more of a game than Minecraft, and more meaningful than Facebook as a way to communicate."
    - Stiki Pixels via Matt Cox, Rock Paper Shotgun.  Read the full interview here
    Occupy White Walls officially releases October 1st, 2018 and will be available on STEAM
    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: Quad Core CPU
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660, AMD Radion 7870 or better
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 15 GB available space

    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Quad Core CPU
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060, AMD RX 580 or better
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 15 GB available space
    • By LMG RagingMoos3
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