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  • Welcome to the League of Mature Gamers
  • Thanks to the following members for their financial support: Buddhabrot, TheShootDawg, RIP TheFlaminC, LMG Strykker36, BLiTZKRieG, adam2welveXBOX, LMG Captun Skid, Inflamedrabbit, Fremikken, Wakko0308, FISHMONGER603, Dawn of Entropy, OldDirtyRobot, JediKnight X71, BlackMesa3, qtpipanda, LMG xSergicalx, HamsterDawgTX, PapaBearEli, PoopShizzle, LMG Forchek, Mayhem1421, SnowHuntressXO, Wolf Octopus, whiteagle, SchizoModulus, Scarecrow290, lPunkRockGirLl, AladdinSaneAZ, Pinn0r, PoguexXxMahone, eSporks, NightBladeJay89, jacketGT, DavidMcC1989, mancalledsam, PivotalCello, Krillgore1, Uknowmysteezo, THOR17644, Cracklefrock , DSo911, AfricanGolfingWorm , Frahmenu
  • Gamer Jokes: You know when you walk into a room and forget why you went in there? That’s God playing Sims, he just cancelled your action.
  • We are pleased to announce that monthly prize giveaways for our supporters will begin again in June!
  • Gamer Jokes: Dating a single mother: It’s like continuing from somebody else’s saved game.
  • Game Facts: Ever wondered what happens to Leon's cool leather jacket in Resident Evil 4? It inexplicably disappears after the scene in the village. Well, on the PS2 version, go through Ada's side-quest and one of the Ganado villagers will be wearing it.
  • Gamer Jokes: You’re so bad at RPGs, when somebody asks you where you’re stuck, you say, “The file select screen

    Good games come and go, but a great gaming community plays through it all. The League of Mature Gamers, or LMG for short, was started as a way to give like-minded gamers a more mature gaming experience. To not only play through the good ones, but to build up our community, XP and toons together.

    Destiny brought us together, but now we play everything from The Division and RB6 to drunken Forza and, well, whatever anyone wants to play.

    We’re constantly adding players to our roster, so if you’re a mature individual with a slight video game obsession and can hold your own behind the joysticks, let’s play together!



    Our Beginnings…


    The League of Mature Gamers started back in late 2015 as a RAID/Event planning site for the Dads Of Destiny – NightsWatch clan.  It was started out of a desire to provide a new approach to an often chaotic system not only present in the clan, but in general throughout the console gaming community.  The constant searching for players or finding backups when someone would drop out demanded a better solution than posting in a generic forum and hoping for the best.  Different things were attempted, such as spreadsheets and documents listing player availability.  While those types of systems “worked” they didn’t do so efficiently.  Eventually a better solution was found and a website hosted on Enjin was started.


    The site provided its own calendar system geared towards clans and event planning.  It also provided forums for use as well.  The site was a hit within the NightsWatch community and quickly became very active.  Despite the success the site was having, it was soon evident that being hosted under a specific platform left much out of the control of the administrators and moderators.  Customization was limited, and demands for features quickly made this original site obsolete.  As the founder of that site my hands were tied.  I couldn’t provide the type of organizational system I wanted to while operating under Enjins own, clunky platform.  A decision was made to move forward to our own fully customizable CMS (community management software) system.


    This move brought some challenges with it.  The type of calendar Enjin provided was non existent within other CMS systems.  With the support of the membership, we had our own unique calendar system built from the ground up and customized based on feedback from the community.  It is the system we use today on this site.


    With the amount of support from the community and our close ties to the DoD NightsWatch it was realized that a change had to be made, both for the interest of growing the site, but more importantly, to avoid being seen as “poaching” members and support from the Dads of Destiny as a whole.  We had so much support that the fear was we could be perceived as an extension of the DoD, which we were not.  If members were going to continue supporting us and our endeavours they would do it clearly understanding we were not DoD affiliated.  We also had a desire to expand beyond Destiny.  So many other multiplayer games exist that could benefit from this type of site that giving the impression we were strictly a Destiny focused site would work against us.


    A decision was made to part ways with any reference to the DoD and to the NightsWatch clan.   With that decision came a change of name from DoD NightsWatch Raiders to NWRaid.  Now, NWRAID is a “shout out” if you will to where we began but it is our own name and identity now.  It represents trust, brotherhood and a friendship the current membership here understands and we continue to build on.


    In the beginning of June a discussion was held between the administration team to again make a major change to our name and to our goals.  The decision was made to drop NWRAID all together and as such any left over reference to the DoD and its clans and become our own clan and recruitment site called "The League of Mature Gamers"  


    Today we have members from around the world and from all types of professions.  We are all adults with one goal in mind.  That goal is to take the limited time we have to game, and use it wisely.  We not only provide the social space members desire but we offer a unique event planning system that makes our community one of the most organized communities around.  

    We are not elitists or try hards.  We are here to have fun and make new friends and acquaintances through the LMG community.  We our home to, what I feel, are the best folks you can find in ANY gaming community. 


    We are always seeking new members to help expand our growing community so we can provide even more for our members in terms of games and multiplayer gaming events. 


    If any of this sounds appealing to you then we would love to have you here.  Join our ranks today and leave unpredictable in the past.  Make the most of your gaming time count.  Spend it with great folks who are like minded and just here to have some fun. 


    Experience a more mature gaming experience.


    See you on the battlefield!






    -SlipScream78 – Founder of The League of Mature Gamers




    League of Mature Gamers

    "a more mature gaming experience"

League of Mature Gamers

About us

Good games come and go, but a great gamer community plays through it all. The League of Mature Gamers was started as a way to give like-minded adult gamers a more mature gaming experience. We’re constantly adding players to our regularly scheduled (a.k.a. nightly) events, so if you’re a mature 18+ individual with a slight video game obsession and can hold your own behind the joysticks, let’s play together!



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