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  • My girlfriend told me to stop playing Pokemon as it was childish. I started thrashing about and roared “You don’t have enough badges to control me!”
  • You know when you walk into a room and forget why you went in there? That’s God playing Sims, he just cancelled your action.
  • Dating a single mother: It’s like continuing from somebody else’s saved game.
  • You’re so bad at RPGs, when somebody asks you where you’re stuck, you say, “The file select screen

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  3. LMG RagingMoos3

    LMG Stream Team?

    You bet! No rush my friend. We still need to sort of details on this end as well. You have time.
  4. LMG xSergicalx

    LMG Stream Team?

    i might be able to pull this off, not sure yet, need to check my schedule of things
  5. Ian0920

    D2 Raid Clear (XB1)

    i should be around but clicked maybe just in case
  6. Last week
  7. BlackMesa3

    LMG Gaming: D2 Raid Clear (XB1)

    Event Title: D2 Raid Clear (XB1) Event Author: BlackMesa3 Calendar: LMG Gaming Event Date: 04/27/2018 09:00 PM Still need to beat Calus. Times may flux. D2 Raid Clear (XB1) {$item->template_cal_platform}
  8. BlackMesa3

    D2 Raid Clear (XB1)

    Still need to beat Calus. Times may flux.
  9. HarveyDENTforDA

    LMG Gaming: RB6 Siege – Xbox4Lyfe

    Event Title: RB6 Siege – Xbox4Lyfe Event Author: HarveyDENTforDA Calendar: LMG Gaming Event Date: 04/20/2018 08:30 PM to 04/20/2018 11:59 PM 'Member this game? Yeah? Wanna play? Yeah? Dibs on Caveira. RB6 Siege – Xbox4Lyfe {$item->template_cal_platform}
  10. HarveyDENTforDA

    RB6 Siege – Xbox4Lyfe

    'Member this game? Yeah? Wanna play? Yeah? Dibs on Caveira.
  11. xRaidiation

    Eve Online: 15 years and going strong

    Great info, can't wait to see more. When I had my PC I always wondered how EVE was, never took the leap to get into it... sad that I didn't.
  12. LMG RagingMoos3

    Eve Online: 15 years and going strong

    Why am I writing about a game that is 15 years old? Why do most I personally know either think the game sucks, or can't get into it? Why does Eve Online have it's hooks deeply lodged into me? I'll do my best to answer that and maybe more. I'm breaking this up into 3 parts. They will be linked here when completed. So how does a game that just saw it's 15th birthday warrant even a sentence anywhere? Well, there is a multi-part answer to that. First of all, it's new to me and so I feel compelled to write about it. Second to that, I thoroughly enjoy the game. Finally, any game in which developers continue to apply major updates to constantly, listen to their community and host fan festivals all over the world deserves never ending attention in my opinion. You see Eve to me, is what I've always wanted in a game. PART I - A little bit about the game you either hate or love. Eve is not a game where you will find the numbers you do in games like LoL or even WoW. While both these games have their certain level of difficulty they do not hold a candle to Eve Online. I can hear LoL players flipping tables right now but truth be told, there is very little to know and do in both aforementioned games. Once you have the mechanics down, off you go. You either are good or you are not. There are no other factors. This isn't to say they are not good, but rather they just can't hold a candle to Eve in terms of the sheer number of things to do and the sheer number of things you need to know and learn. So how many folks play this game? Most will head over to Steam for concurrent stats, but you can't use steam to gauge the player base as Eve for most, save 3-4 thousand players, is run stand-alone. From today, back 1 year, the average concurrent # of players online is 33,000 in TRANQUILITY. TRANQUILITY is the main server. That's 33k people in one universe playing at the same time. Each one of those people play different roles in the game based on their interests. Now 33,000 isn't a big number, but those 33,000 are the dedicated fans and they keep the universe of Eve Online extremely healthy and CCP, the developer, updating constantly. Besides loyal fans Eve offers by far one of the biggest playable spaces around even compared to todays games. A staggering 690,000,000 (yep 690 MILLION) square kilometers of ACTIVE space. When I say ACTIVE I mean the following. For every anomaly, POS, mission, stargate and jumpgate we assume a 100KM radius around these points and call it active. So, you get 690 MILLION square kilometers of playable, active space. I don't believe anyone has bothered to do the math on the rest of the space that you can traverse by using save points during warp. There are 5201 solar systems in Eve, each with their own planets, belts and missions. Each also houses (in HISEC) NPC stations, usually with a number of mission agents. You doing the math here?? See the sheer number of things you can do mission wise alone? So this is a great time to briefly touch on a possible life in Eve. You aren't forced into any one role in Eve. It's literally your choice and it is a free flowing one. You can mine one day out in the asteroid belts and turn industrialist the next day. You can take on a life of a trade pilot and pilot freighters for serious profit (and a large target on your back) or be the pirate you always wanted to be and scan down other players ships with valuable loot.. and blow them out of existence. You can sit in a NPC station for your entire eve career and STATION TRADE for serious serious money but to do that requires real world skill and knowledge of day trading and stock markets. Which reminds me of something I haven't mentioned to you yet. Eve has a living breathing ecosystem driven in real time by players. Whether it be markets or politics, the universe of Eve changes quite literally each second in real time. These changes have noticeable effects on everything you could imagine from SAFE space, to hostile territory. Eve divides the universe into 3 tiers of space. HISEC, LOWSEC, and NULLSEC. SEC short for SECURITY. HISEC space, or that space with a security rating of 0.5 - 1.0 is relatively safe and where new players begin their journey as a capsuleer. There's money to be made in HISEC and plenty of player based corporations setup shop in HISEC. LOWSEC space, or that space that has a rating of 0.1-0.4 is dangerous. It could be referred to as death match space. Everyone is a target and there is no CONCORD police coming to avenge you. Then there is NULLSEC. Anything with a 0.0 or negative security rating. NULLSEC is where I live and where the real money in EVE is made. NULLSEC is typically always controlled by corporations. It's a wonderful place to be where the ORES are the rarest, as well as the ICE belts and the NPC rats are the most dangerous eve has to offer. So the bounties for each kill are equally as good. NULLSEC is the ISK making king. to be continued ...
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  14. Ian0920

    LMG Stream Team?

    I can do that then
  15. adam2welveXBOX

    LMG Stream Team?

  16. LMG RagingMoos3

    LMG Stream Team?

    There really is no pre-requisite for equipment @Ian0920 - No camera? NO PROBLEM. Mixer on the other hand is a tricky one. I can't send a twitch key to a mixer streamer and vice versa. If it's strictly for LMG, it is easy enough to twitch as you use our key anyway so you use our account, not your own.
  17. Ian0920

    LMG Stream Team?

    I would like too but have no camera or real stream set up just using xbox for capturing, Would this also include the Mixer crew of streamers?
  18. LMG RagingMoos3

    LMG Stream Team?

    Once again we are considering opening up lmgamers_tv, our twitch channel, to members that would be interested in streaming once a week on the channel instead of their own. The intent is to get more up-time on our channel, and more exposure which gives us an opportunity to grow the community. Additionally, we have replaced the live stream widget on the front page to show lmgamers_tv streams only which means the more streamers we have contributing the more often that is live. Obviously this gets you more exposure to new viewers you may not have had previously. Making it work is a simple process from our end. The last time we tried this we pushed a bit too much for a set in stone schedule. It just didn't work. What did work though were block times and creating a visible schedule. So for each day in the week, eight 3 hour blocks were created. A participant would pick there hours from there. Before we do anything else though we need to gauge interest and we will do so through a poll. A few things to consider before expressing interest: You don't need to make any major changes on your end - simply setup a LMG profile in OBS, or whatever your platform is, and we send you a stream key. A loose schedule - We would publish "blocks" of days/times and you would pick from what is available. We understand you may not always be able to stream. No stress there. Stream when you can. Participants would need to be mindful of their chosen blocks - We wouldn't want one stream to overlap another which also causes the current streamer to be pushed offline. We would publish this schedule to our twitch main page and provide links to your own twitch page. Blocks not available would be any required for LMG live podcasts or prize giveaways. NO SYSTEM RESTRICTIONS - Stream on PC, PS4, XBOX, whatever. I look forward to reviewing poll results and to reading your feedback. @Buddhabrot, @IanMac666, @TheShootDawg, @RIP TheFlaminC, @LMG Rednek, @Mojo, @CamaleonRoto, @LeagueBOT, @BabyMonkey0nPig, @Goid2000, @LMG Strykker36, @Fremikken, @BLiTZKRieG, @adam2welveXBOX, @uberdisko, @BEACHBUMxWELDER, @DiscoElvis, @pugbart, @Inflamedrabbit, @CHUDdds, @AngeredMailMan, @Wakko0308, @d1splacement, @LMG SolidScorpionZ, @Knightmare, @omgNemesis, @Hammerhead25, @FISHMONGER603, @the last brian, @ElusiveKraken, @Ian0920, @Yugo Thisaway, @HarveyDENTforDA, @Dawn of Entropy, @Parthantìr, @Dirtybirdy, @borderKILLAH, @OldDirtyRobot, @AbrasiveHalo287, @Redmezz, @Markgny99, @KYADavid, @vipertec05, @xRaidiation, @LMG Ragnarok, @xLMG KING, @LeonidasX1V, @JediKnight X71, @ThaRodZilla, @St0rmyWeather, @BlackMesa3, @qtpipanda, @LMG xSergicalx, @Mrchuckles21, @LMG tim0807, @Leifo, @HamsterDawgTX, @FriskeCrisp, @PoopShizzle, @LMG Forchek, @Mischief0078, @Sectator26, @SnowHuntressXO, @Mayhem1421, @Silkyjohnson003, @Jason Elysian, @x Keel Yo x, @Executeus, @Krillgore1, @ILLUMINATI4EVR, @whiteagle, @ospace, @Zerointerrupt, @Chainsawhand, @Buckeyekid2556, @Gremy221, @WudLegerity, @ArgyleAlchemist, @kalc, @PivotalCello, @nickcappp, @NaG Phantom, @AladdinSaneAZ, @SolusXO, @JaymanBlue, @Ruemando, @Pinn0r, @J4MMYB, @HaydtMyBR, @PoguexXxMahone, @eSporks, @mancalledsam, @Bovice63, @Clem Fantango, @NightBladeJay89, @RagTagGamer91, @ItsAMeMario1987, @K_Mod_F22, @MacchiatoWatch, @xchx4, @Lucky 21 15, @GemmaLouisex, @Sometimes Noah, @Gogogoh3, @JJiggyy, @Krenicon, @Terpie, @Ronnie X1, @Sansasweeets, @xLordSamaelx, @Rob_Swanson, @Kaast, @Uknowmysteezo, @NWLAW, @SuicidalChair, @THOR17644, @Marmot_Avenger, @FallFromSanityX, @KOZ1993, @wartdgorilla, @BloodSprung, @Cold3dfx, @abitskitzy, @Speedieg, @xllxKRONICxllx, @LoneBattleFox, @AlmostDecent4, @John2p0, @SH4DOWT4NGO, @Youngwings, @I3ILLY, @Darkkhelmet, @Jimmy the screw, @heywindsor, @SC00T 74, @CHEVY4X4BLAZER, @Wartornranger, @spiral115, @tdfischer, @Noodlez513, @TacWoptic, @blue67_misty, @iTsYurBoyChris, @Senator TK421
  19. xRaidiation

    battlefield BF4 server is up!

    For shame! But yeah I understand! Come on people get interested!
  20. LMG RagingMoos3

    battlefield BF4 server is up!

    If there is enough interest again in it, we could look into bringing it back online.
  21. LMG RagingMoos3

    battlefield BF4 server is up!

    Don't think it's up anymore.
  22. xRaidiation

    XB1 Community

    Hey guys, since I play soley on Xbox, I wanted to reach out to see if we could exchange gamertags, group or squad up in games! Also, maybe it would be possible to create a club for LMG members on Xbox? Since I am new to the community if I am overstepping in anyway I do apologize... I just wanted to do my part! Btw my GT is xRaidiation
  23. xRaidiation

    LMG Tournaments

    I would love to partake in community tournaments! If one ever happens for BF1 or BF4 count me in!
  24. xRaidiation

    battlefield BF4 server is up!

    Ooooh, and is this server on PC or Xbox? Also I know that this is old post so if it isn't up anymore no sweat.... but if it is on Xbox I would love to join it!
  25. xRaidiation

    battlefield Your favorite class

    I know this is an old post but oh well! Assault: Suppressed Mtar- 21 FN- 94 Defib and medic bag Engineer: Suppressed AN 5C FN- 94 Rockets depend on the type. of vehicle that is giving the team trouble (default RPGs though) Repair tool because everybody loves me when I have it! Support: can't remember the name off the top of my head, QBZ- 94? 76 round clip low recoil love it! FN- 94 Ammo pack and C4 (because screw vehicles!) Recon: M98B with 8x zoom and variable 14x with straight pull FN- 94 Radio beacon and remote target marker!
  26. xRaidiation

    xRaidiation Introduction!

    Hello all! My name is Josiah, and in gaming I usually go by Raidiation. The name stems from my days of playing WoW and wanting a clever name and was big into raiding so that's what I went with! I have been gaming nearly my whole life, started on the N64 and found my way into MMORPGs with FFXI on PS2! I have always been a console gamer (yet found myself a PC gamer through college haha). I have slowly made my way back to console gaming on the Xbox and love the Battlefield games. I am really big into First Person Shooters with a team-based gameplay style, where you can't win based on the merits of one individual, but rather the entire team. After testing the waters in BF1 I slowly started to get into it more and more and I think it's safe to say I have found my home with the Battlefield genre. Little bit more about me outside gaming. Went to College for Business, got my 2 year degree, really close to BS but had to drop it due to medical reasons! I love a good story to read, my favorite author is Brian Jacques. I am a techie at heart, definitely know my way around a computer (have been building my own for years) Lastly I wanted to say I am VERY passionate about video games, since most of my life has been about video games of some sort. That is why I wanted to join this group with like- minded people who I can share my passion with and not feel like an outcast. I appreciate the opportunity to give my Introduction, I hope to see you guys very soon on the Battlefield!
  27. LMG RagingMoos3

    The Golden Rules

    Here at the League of Mature Gamers we don't ask much of you old (or maybe young) farts. We understand your memory is fleeting and not what it should be. We also know that sometimes, just because we are old, this doesn't mean we can't turn into complete assholes from time to time. So, for your viewing pleasure and convenience (you can view this as much as you want) we are providing you with some damn simple rules. Some of these rules apply more so to Discord - Those will be HIGHLIGHTED GREEN IF you decide you don't want to follow them, well what can we say... BYE. THE GOLDEN RULES No **RACISM OR HATE SPEECH** No discrimination based on race, religion, creed, sex, sexual preferences, or political beliefs No spamming chat. No spamming links please to outside sources. If you are a streamer, our stream bot will announce you going live automatically. Just make sure you have discord "Streamer Mode" enabled. If someone asks you specifically for your stream link, feel free to share it. ONCE or DM them. No promoting outside communities. You may do this through DM however. Keep the drama OUT please. We want to keep this as free of drama as possible. We understand some "debates" can get heated. BE the ADULT and don't keep poking or trolling for a response. Bring a sense of humour Be kind to each other. You don't have to like someone to be respectful. We expect that here. Represent LMG proudly! Report members you feel are violating these terms. We will and DO look into this however remember, innocent until PROVEN guilty.
  28. Event Title: D1 old school raid Event Author: Ian0920 Calendar: LMG Gaming Event Date: 04/20/2018 09:00 PM to 04/21/2018 02:00 AM Lets load up some Destiny 1 run some raids see if i remember how LOL we can determine which one when we get grouped up D1 old school raid {$item->template_cal_platform}
  29. xRaidiation

    xRaidiation has joined the league!

    xRaidiation has joined the LEAGUE!
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