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  • Battlefield V Review

    Battlefield V Review

    I was introduced to the Battlefield series not long after I joined LMG over 2 years ago.
    Between Destiny, Rainbow 6, Division and Borderlands it was the other game that many kept going back to.

    I soon took up an EA Access account and started my Battlefield journey with Battlefield 4. Not long after that I picked up a preowned copy of the Premium Edition for Xbox One and unlocked most of the DLC over time.

    What immediately hooked me with this series was the immersive environments and all-out battle style. I could play as a solder, jump in a tank or fly a plane all in the same sandbox and with 64 other players at the same time. There was nothing else that I had played up to that point that did that. Combined with the ranking and progression systems it slowly became one of my favorite multiplayer games.

    Not long after that Battlefield 1 came out. This time we had the same familiar battlefield sandbox but with a world war one story and settings. Initially it received some criticism from the fan base due to some of its changes to game play and the setting, but eventually won most over.

    This brings us to Battlefield V the latest version of the ongoing franchise and the most confusing release so far. Suffice to say the game that has launched has changed considerably from the poorly received and much talked about reveal trailer with the controversial female fighter with a prosthetic arm and debate about equality in gaming etc.

    Good news is despite the poor marketing campaign, confusing version offerings (5 in total originally) and BETA glitches leading to some poor reviews the new Battlefield V game is a very solid entry in the franchise and one I believe that prove itself over time.

    With Battlefield V we have World War II as the background, which is one that I find the most interesting and all-encompassing wars we had.
    From Britain to Europe to Asia there is so much material here to draw on and Battlefield V does it very well.
    Our starting forces for Battlefield V are England and Germany

    Through their engagements we are introduced to new battlefields in :
    North Africa - Hamada (largest Battlefield map to date) and Aerodrome,

    Norway – Narvik and Fjell 652,

    France – Arras and Twisted Steel

    and Holland – Rotterdam and Devastation (Bombed Rotterdam).

    All of which are detailed and beautifully realized in game

    Gameplay is tweaked more towards team play and use of cover and time to kill is allot faster than previous games. This can be a slight disadvantage if playing solo on the multiplayer maps as the emphasis on team play means that if the other players on your team decide to go it alone you reduce the chances of completing successful enemy engagements and survivability significantly. However so far it appears that most players I have been matched with while playing Multiplayer appear to understand the shift to more strategic team play and work together effectively.

    Dice is changing things up this time around too with no additional DLC or Premium purchases; instead they have Tides of War. This will bring new content from WW II all together in seasonal releases including the new battle Royale mode called firestorm. It is expected that as time goes on more iconic forces will be added to the game to like US and Japan, Russia etc.

    So let’s get to the main question about the game – is it good? Simple answer Yes!.
    I have played over 20 hours so far of Multiplayer and have found it to be some of the most exciting and fun multiplayer that I have played to date. The action is fast paced, and at times you really feel immersed in a WW II battle. From taking out an enemy position with a well-timed grenade, plowing through a house in your Tiger tank or taking out a bomber in your spitfire plane. All feel very satisfying and have a good balance between feeling powerful but also can be countered with the right Solider or Vehicle class.

    The four main solider classes are back and have further customization options to allow players to drill down to something they feel is their own style. You can play as an Assault, Medic, Support or Recon solider each with their own unique load outs and progression unlockables. To date the Assault and Support are my fav classes to play.

    The current menu system needs a bit of tweaking in my opinion as it’s a bit counter intuitive, but I’m sure that it’s something Dice will improve over time and it does not detract from the overall game experience. Further optimization of the game will also fix some of the funny rag-doll physics and clipping that can occur occasionally too.
    You can earn in game currency by completing Assignment or Daily Orders which set out specific tasks that need to be completed.

    In game currency can be used to upgrade your weapons and vehicles or buy cosmetics for your soldiers which is a welcome change from the loot box issues in the past.

    Despite poor marketing and a confusing Beta, Battlefield V in its current form is a fun and exciting WW II sandbox to play in, especially with a squad of friends, and one that I’m sure will continue to evolve over time once Tides of War is released in early December and the Battle Royale Firestorm mode becomes available early next year.

    If your still not sure if this Battlefield is for you try the 7 hour trial with an EA or origin Access subscription

    See you on the battlefield!


    Red Dead Redemption 2 Impression

    Before I begin this article, I do want to mention that this is simply an impressions article on the title Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Studios. There will be no spoilers in this article. 
        Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is the first game that I have played in years that felt complete on day one. Nowadays, developers release games and state that downloadable content (DLC) will come at a later point. In the case of RDR2, this is not true. I believe that Rockstar could not release any type of DLC or multiplayer, and I could confidently say that I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I do not feel that way with many games nowadays. Even though the title has only been out for a week and a half, I would vote for it for Game of the Year. 
        Why do I feel that this is the Game of the Year for 2018? There are numerous reason for this. The sound, the visuals, the gameplay, the missions/quests, and the characters are the most obvious choices. I will go over in detail each category and explain why I feel Rockstar Studio did fantastic in every category listed below. Once again, this is all my personal outlook on the game and I am in no way an official reviewer. 
        When it comes to the sounds in RDR2, they are simply amazing and set the tone for every town, biome, and encounter in the game. While in a town, you can hear side conversations as you walk by, the sound of your horse trotting on cobblestone roads, mud, or hard packed dirt sounds realistic. While walking in the woods at night, the sounds around you create such an ambient effect that you feel like you are there yourself. The music in the game also plays a huge role in setting the tone in this game. I feel that the music is underrated in this game as it isn't talked about too much in forums and websites. Sometimes you may not even notice it over the other sounds in the game, but I would definitely advise to pay attention and listen to the different music throughout the entirety of the game. 
        Next up are the visuals. The last game that stunned me while playing simply because of the visuals would be Forza Horizon 4. RDR2 takes it to a whole new level. Sometimes I just found myself sitting someone on my horse just looking around at the beautiful environment and the crisp details that are presented to us. The first thing I noticed was while riding through the snow on top of a mountain was the lighting. The detail in how the lighting from things such as a campfire or lantern is spectacular. After seeing details like that, I didn't think that could be topped. That was until I was riding on my horse through a forest and the dynamic lighting from the sun through the trees hit me. The sun shafts that were piercing the tree line were jaw dropping. This helps set the tone of the game mixed with the ambient sound effects to create a perfect combination that seems so lifelike. The different biomes that are in the game was quite refreshing compared to the first title. There are several different areas such as snowy mountains, dry plains, heavily forested areas, swampy lands, and bustling cities. To have this much of a variety in one game was very refreshing and welcoming. It may seem like too much to some, but I felt that it was nice to be able to retreat to any of these areas for a day and the next day be in a completely different zone. It almost felt like being in a completely new game. 
        Gameplay in RDR2 is simply stellar. The missions or quests you go on are unique and fresh for the most part. There were a couple that felt similar to those that were done previously. The missions made the story feel like it was one of the best that Rockstar Studios have put together in a long time. Not only is the main storyline unique and fresh for the most part, the scenarios your encounter which are like side quests help keep you entertained when you do not feel like moving forward in the main questline. I will not spoil anything, but I would advise everyone to not rush through the main story line and work on side quests as it gives a new perspective on many things that occur in the game and can easily be missed if not paying attention. The controls in the game are pretty well managed for the most part, but this is where the game lacks the most in my opinion. Sometimes the game can simply feel clunky or the controls just don't feel right and that has been an issue with Rockstar Studio games for years now, so be prepared. I didn't have too many issues with the controls and movement for the most part, but there were times where it did become an issue and did lead to some frustrating incidents. That was my only real gripe with the game though. The characters in RDR2 are simply amazing. From the main characters to a character you may see only once or twice, they all feel fresh and unique. What I enjoyed most with the characters you interact with, is how much they evolve throughout the game. Again, the evolution of characters has an impact on each character even if you have only had interactions with them once or twice. I feel more games need to follow what Rockstar Studios did when it comes to characters in a game.
    If you are on the fence for RDR2, I would advise to do yourself a favor and purchase this game. Metacritic gave RDR2 a score of 97 for the Xbox which I agree with. This game is nearly perfect, and I cannot wait to see what Rockstar Studios does with this game moving forward.


    A Dissertation on Late Life Gaming
    OR: Don’t Pee in the Fountain of Youth

    Let’s keep this at level 2 boredom. Annotated back story. TLDR: 45 year old man gaming since before first grade now streams ASMR.
    I grew as most do and saw the trends of old resurface and be reclaimed by a new group oblivious to the past. These things happen. So when technology supplanted old trends and new media, new directions of thought, and all new experiences peaked...a decision had to be made.
    Now, personally, I have changed jobs/religions/political affiliations more times than I can remember so I am not truly the “Get off my lawn!” caricature many of my peers have become. Also, having 2 young sons experience these things as information sponges certainly did not hinder my acceptance.
    The boys would want to share their fun times and things they had seen, as they do. No one really wants to talk about their actual day/life/school...remember that one later, as you will see it again.
    So I watched PewDiePie, AchievementHunter, Markiplier, and some annoying ass named Filthy Frank. I really despised these no talent hacks. Understand that there was something called facebook where you could play farming sims and watch cat videos already out there. And The Tweeter. In my own right, I had embraced the singsongs of Bo Burnham, Justin Bieber (sorry/not sorry), and TV’s Taco (Jon Lajoie) so I was no stranger to actually using the internet to watch youtube videos.
    ......oh, how the mighty have fallen.
    So I watched these hacks and stomached their incessant fake laughter and ADHD barrage of mouth movement and over exaggerated arm and head movements, while pretending to enjoy it just to make my children happy. Not soon after, the now deceased Vine platform broke loose, and these idiots my children were watching did an amazing thing...they limited their irritation to 60 second “best of” videos. And they were actually funny. I finally realized what my kids saw in them. I was just unwilling to sit through 15 minutes of ego to get to the funny parts. It was hilarious and I finally connected on a real level with my boys.
    Now we have always gamed together. My middle son was a full diamond, 15 Prestige, 360 no scoper on CoD. My oldest played Bioshock and Borderlands until his fingers bled. The natural progression was us watching gaming videos together and laughing, critiquing games, and slaying Youtubers with salt. My wife still gets pissed when she hears “Youtubers”. She is all about her lawn. Hanging out with them and enjoying something together as equal players was life changing for me and I believe so for them as well. It not only led to good memories, but it formatively changed us all in how we relate to different generations.
    About 4 years ago, my middle boy decided he wanted to be a youtuber but only do gameplay...because I was uncomfortable with his face all over the net and open to what that could bring. He wanted to do so on JustinTV! Wait, what? No. Turns out the “less porn than Chaturbate” platform had turned into one for gamers, called Twitch. Longer story, but we got an ElGato used and it wouldn’t stream on their crappy laptop. So he got bored with the technical upgrade aspect and moved on to year round baseball...and he loves it. You know what I love? Streaming. I listened. I embraced it. And I love it. My streaming rig cost more than my car and I look forward to gaming and entertaining every week. It’s my happy place. Thanks, son!

    ....Yeah thanks for my obsession, kids. SMH.
    Find something that connects you, and all of your inhibitions, detractors, and stereotypes tend to wash away. It’s why blockbuster movies and pop hits bridge the gaps of what we would normally consider uncrossable lines of thought.
    Instead of blasting the old for being dated and angry...instead of judging millennials for not caring enough about anything...just make an effort to find that one thing that bonds you. And just for the record here, it is probably not ASMR, but it can’t hurt to try. https://m.twitch.tv/adam2welve/clips?range=all&desktop-redirect=true
    Because in the end, no one really wants to talk about their actual day/life/school
    • By adam2welveXBOX

    So they didn't realize, He WAS a bear

    So anyone that knows me knows that MMA and BJJ are some of my greatest passions in life. I have family fighting out of the UFC currently, and close friends fighting out of Fight Night, and Belico to name a few. I currently train out of FFA in Miami, where I am a white belt. Anyone that knows BJJ understands, that means I am still new at this. I have been training for about a year, and unlike most MMA gyms a white belt in FFA is actually NOT the starting belt. You have to EARN your white belt from grey, so I would be more like a 3rd degree white belt in most conventional MMA or BJJ gyms. I list my experience to give you guys a baseline, into my knowledge base and my thought process.
                  Today, I would like to do everyone a public service, and break down this fight;
                   Now, let me begin by stating the obvious. Neither I, nor LMG, nor reddit EVER condone assaulting someone for ANY reason. But we’re all people right? We sometimes get in our own heads and make bad decisions. First bad decision in this video? Right off the bat you should NEVER EVER pick a fight with someone who may outweigh you, your crew, and your car. I’m not 100 percent sure why this fight began, or why these two children decided to try and fight the Junior Big Show, but it is always usually a bad idea.
                   When the fight begins, we see the two white kids running prancing towards this bear of a human and we see one thing that spells trouble for the WK. The big guy gets in a stance. Feet spread shoulder width apart, slight bend at the knees, one foot stacked ahead of the other like a jaguar ready to pounce. He then attempts a bold move, he eats a barrage of lethal strikes from the 2, as if they were tamales coming straight out of the pot. Somehow he’s able to take all the blows, and turn them into motivation. You see him outstretch his paws, grapple both of the defenseless man children who have now realized how badly they FUCKED up, and begin to drive. He drives them back beyond the border before realizing, “hey, the faster I end this the faster I can get on with my day” and decides to murder one of them. RIP the dream.
                   Like a TRUE warrior however, he doesn’t let his guard down just yet. He knows he still has a fierce opponent left in Kurt Cobain, and he knows he won’t stand much of a chance if he doesn’t neutralize the situation. So he grabs KC and the Sunshine Band by the hammys, drives his shoulder through his waist, and just… falls. Let Mother Nature do some of the work, am I right? Upon landing he delivers a thundering storm of fists before springing to his feet like the Mayan Athlete he is, and channeling his inner Javier Hernandez, he kicks 1/3rd of the BeeGees back to 1971. Welcome to concussionville, population you two, bros! Thankfully the frontrunner for mother of the year just realized her devil spawn were no match for the boss she was trying to autofight, and was able to get there and prevent the dinner portion of tonight’s mauling. Well done, mom.
             I score this fight 10-7 in favor of the Mexican Bigfoot. My co Judge Adalaide Byrd however just got back from the bathroom and missed the first (and only) 40 seconds of the fight, and scores it 10-7 in favor of 2/5ths of the Backstreet Boys, because “She likes it that way”. So I guess at the end of the day, it’s a Tie. Isn’t that what really matters?
    • By Revelationsz117

    Streaming - Most will not succeed

    Let me preface this article by saying that streaming can be enjoyable and a lot of fun but also requires a lot of dedication, time, patience and money.  It is not for everyone and most of you reading this will never make it a full time deal.  So, if you were looking for a positive upbeat spin on streaming or a motivational speech on how to keep at it and you will succeed then this is not the article for you.  Why am I writing a piece that could easily be considered negative?  I am not.  Not in my mind anyway.  I believe this to fall into the "realistic" category.  I have seen people nearly lose relationships, jobs and friends over streaming.  It happens because people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to streaming.  
    I've done some searching on the internet and whether that be youtube, reddit, blogs or some other form of media the message is always the same.  Everyone can make it streaming if they do A, B, C and D.  I'm here to tell you this is truly "fake news."  Before I go further, let's ask ourselves "why do people want to stream?"  Come up with your own answer and then click on the spoiler.
    If you answered anything else you missed the mark.  Sorry.  People simply don't spend hours upon hours and days/months/years upon days/months/years for the sheer fun of it.  Some special folks may, but the majority of those who get into this industry are in it for the money, fame, fun or a combination of all 3.
    If you are in it for simply JUST the fun then you probably can stop reading now.  If you are considering twitch or mixer as a potential ticket to easy street then you best keep reading.  Do so after you remove the blinders please.  
    There are 5 main categories that apply to every stream and streamer.  There is also 1 more, which I will discuss further later in the article.
    Personality - You better have one.
    Equipment - The literal COST of streaming.
    Skill - No personality?  Better bring the skillz.
    Time - The biggest expense in streaming.
    Content - It's what they came for.
    Personality is so very very important when you stream.  This applies to everything that would fall under ENTERTAINMENT... it has to ENTERTAIN you.  I can't begin to tell you how many streams I come across and the host of the stream has a blank and bored look on their face.  The first question I ask myself is WHY do you stream?  You don't appear to be having any fun at all and if you are, it is the opposite of obvious.   If you look at the top streamers in the business of streaming they all have something in common and that is Personality.  They are fun to listen to and watch.  Whether it be their reactions or how they interact with the game they play as well as their audience.  They are generally outgoing and those who are not, make up for it with something else on the list and that is skill.
    "He takes that over-the-top character acting and slams it together with skill to make a tasty entertaining god like sandwich of glory."
    If I wanted to watch paint dry I would just watch paint dry but when I load up twitch I want someone to take my boredom and turn it upside down.  I want to be entertained, otherwise I may as well just watch the news or reruns of the Brady Bunch.  The truth is, very few people are good enough to provide that entertainment just through personality.  I am only aware of one streamer out of the estimated 2+ million unique streamers on twitch.  I bet you know who I am going to name here.  Dr. Disrespect.  
    If you have never heard of "The Doc" then you have just been born (but amazingly you are reading this) OR you live under a rock.  I suppose the alternative reason for not knowing is you are not a gamer, you are old and think the internet is a training ground for demons from hell.  I feel sorry for you in that case.
    The Doc takes character acting and brings it to streaming.  Whether or not this was intended, who knows but he does it with such flair and over-the-top intensity that you forget the guy actually doesn't have long curly hair with glasses tattooed to his face.  In fact, on rare occasions you see him out of his characters skin and in his own.  Two completely different people.  Additionally, he brings something else to the table.  Skill and a lot of it.  
    The reality here is unless you have a strong personality, and outgoing nature in which you captivate your audience you better have a lot of skill otherwise no one will watch you to the point that twitch becomes your full time gig.  Sorry but the truth huts.  
    "...people come to watch shit blow up..."
    Equipment is next on the list and equally as important.   Now when you start streaming, you will likely not have all the gadgets and gear that bigger streamers do and in all honesty you don't need it anyway, not YET at least.  As time goes on though your gear becomes more important as some equipment becomes obsolete or you want that sweet current high end equipment whether it be for bragging rights or improved quality of life through improved quality of streaming gear.  There are a wide variety of setups out their for streaming and no single one is perfect.  The basic, entry level streamer typically is the console streamer.  This is the cheapest most basic method and often in the beginning depending on which console you own, includes nothing more than the console itself as consoles now for the most part offer streaming straight from the console.  This is basic though and is limiting in what can be done.
    Here is a quick and dirty list of some basic streaming equipment.  Prices are in CAD so adjust for your country  accordingly.  I have given ranges for prices.
    Basic Streaming (Typically a console only and maybe some additional items) Console Only Streaming - Cost is the console itself - $500.00 - $600.00 Microphone - $20.00 - $1000.00 Camera $60.00 - $1000.00+ Intermediate Streaming (Often a combination of basic streaming utilizing a PC) The PC itself $500 - the sky is the limit here Green Screens - $40 - $100 Lighting - $25.00 - $400.00+ Audio Software/Hardware - $50.00 - $1000.00+ Advanced Streaming (The serious streamer setup and the most expensive) Dual PC (if streaming with one PC and gaming with the other) - $1000.00 - sky is the limit here Multiple cameras - $120.00 - $2000.00+ Audio Software/Hardware - Same as intermediate streaming  
    Everything listed above is fairly accurate in that you will eventually have one or multiple items mentioned above.  This is all out of pocket expense for you.  Hope you have a good day job.  To further go into detail, lets now talk very briefly about your ROI (Return on Investment.)  Your first year or more you will struggle to make affiliate.  I'm quite serious.  Anyone who tells you the first 50 is easy without cheating is simply wrong.  The first 50 is a major hurdle.  You are after all competing with 2 million other streamers many of which will be doing in better than you.  After you hit 50 viewers the struggle isn't over.  You will now need to meet other twitch requirements such as total time streaming, frequency and average viewers.
    Once that glorious email comes telling you you've made affiliate you can now start earning.  On average however, twitch affiliates are making less than $100/month.   This is so far from a full time income and depending on what you have spent on your setup, it will take quite sometime to pay down that beast of a PC with your twitch earnings.
      " On average however, twitch affiliates are making less than $100/month "
    According to Statista the most popular genre of game being streamed on twitch by hours watched is Fortnite.  The genre fortnite falls into is Survival/BR.   Followed by LoL and then CSGO.  While Fortnite falls into Survival/BR it is essentially a shooter where you build platforms, walls etc as a defensive or offensive tactic.  These types of games, are the meat and potatoes of streaming.  It is fast paced (for the most part) in your face action and that fast paced action is what appeals to the masses on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube.  
    Like Sweet Brown so famously said "Ain't nobody got time for that!" and I couldn't agree more.  Nobody has time to watch slow, boring gaming, death after death and fail after fail.  We are addicted to twitch gaming, 360 no scopes, amazing unbelievable snipes and power plays.  In other words people come to watch shit blow up and blow up in a fast paced violent way.  The days of watching slow boring LoL and StarCraft streams are over although I am positive many would argue that.  I argue that only the die hards of those genres watch and those numbers are rapidly decreasing in favor of the present day streaming super stars we see now.  This is not to say the games themselves are losing players, but rather more popular titles and heavily marketed ones at that are taking the stage. 
    So if you play Fortnite or PUBG or CSGO, people will follow you right?  That's a big negative ghost rider.  People will only watch if you are good and when I say good I mean good.  You could even get away with being above average but below that, people will generally not gravitate your way because again as I mentioned earlier people want to be entertained and poor game play and slow game play at that is just boring.  No one wants to watch themselves play, they want to watch skill.  They want to watch something to strive towards and they will throw money at their screens in order to do it.  They just won't be throwing it at you.  Again the likes of Dr. Disrespect, Ninja and SHROUD to name a few have a great deal of skill.  They are exceptional players of the genres they typically play.  SHROUD and Ninja are two great example of people with dry personalities in my opinion but they have a huge following because they are so damn skilled at what they do.  They are video game heroes as is Dr. Disrespect as well.  The difference with the Doc... He takes that over-the-top character acting and slams it together with skill to make a tasty entertaining god like sandwich of glory.   Kids want to meat him and be him... and so do you.  I mean who wouldn't right?  Fame, money and the list goes on.  It only happened though because of his personality and skill.  Period, otherwise you would have never heard of him.  
    "Of those 6000 a second, you are 1 tweet mixed into 5999 more interesting and compelling tweets"
    Now I know so far, if I have kept your attention you are probably thinking to yourself much of this is obvious, and it really is but so many people forget about it when diving into streaming only to feel like a failure.  I can tell you, you are not a failure.. you're just normal.  

    Time is always the enemy in anything we do.  You never have enough of it and for the beginning streamer this is a major hurdle.  How do you maintain a personal life, a job, a relationship, while maintaining your online presence?  It is very difficult to do starting out and really does rely somewhat on the stars aligning.  One common thing you see with all major streamers is how supportive their families are.  Professor Broman for example has such a lovely wife that she brings him meals as does the "Doc,"  Ninja too has a wife that makes some appearances with sustenance in hand.  If I for example were to ask my wife to bring me dinner so I could stream and play.. she would tell me to pound sand.  
    At this point you may be yelling at the monitor saying hey, they got the support because of the fame and it is their job.  You are partially correct.  What about when they started out?  Some of those same ladies were present, supporting their significant other while they poured hours upon hours daily into streaming.  
    Schedules are so important in everything we do daily and that rings just as true for streamers.  Streaming once, or twice a week isn't going to cut it.  I will get backlash for that comment but remember I am speaking to those with the dream of making it big.  Don't stop dreaming but keep reality in sight as well.  So what if you can't maintain a consistent schedule?  The general advice is to tweet when you are going live.  Seems like sound advice right?  I mean twitter is the place to be for streamers but is your tweet actually going to be seen?  6000 tweets a second are sent every day of the year.  6000!!  Of those 6000 a second, you are 1 tweet mixed into 5999 more interesting and compelling tweets.  Unless you want to start using share for share services or follow for follow then your twitter plan isn't going to reliably garner you any attention.
    Lets quickly talk about those follow-for-follow services.  More importantly lets talk about FOLLOWERS.  The only followers that matter are the ones that come back.  The ones that hang out and lurk.  That follow for follow stuff just inflates numbers and actually hurts you in the end.  Why?  Great question.  The twitch community is generally a community of fast learners and by that I mean they understand the tricks being employed to try and drive traffic to streams.  The thought is the more followers you have the better because people may see that you have all these followers and come check you out.  This is so far from the truth.  When I hop into a channel I do not care about how many people follow the streamer.  I care about.. PERSONALITY and SKILL and being ENTERTAINED.  That is it.  That is all.  If you have NO FOLLOWERS but are entertaining to me for whatever reason I will stick around.  If you have 1 million followers but bore me to death I will NOT follow.
    "Streaming is show business so you better have a good show!"
    Content; without it you have no stream.  Should be fairly simple right?  Find my game, fire it up and go live and wait for the masses to pour in.  Maybe.  Maybe not. 
    One school of thought tells you to stream the popular titles.  There are a variety of services that can tell you when to stream and what to stream for the best results.  The problem is that doesn't work as advertised when competing with 2.2 million other streamers nor does it work when established, extremely popular streamers are streaming the same thing.  So where does that leave the up and coming streamer.  It leaves them with two choices. 
    A) Who cares I am streaming that game anyway This is for myself typically the approach I have because damn all the games I enjoy are popular right now.  The negative to this is 100s if not 1000s of others will be streaming it as well which means you are driven to the bottom of the search results.  When is the last time YOU scrolled for 15 minutes looking for an obscure streamer to WATCH.  Note how I said watch... not searching for someone to host. B) Play a game that isn't crazy popular. Basically this is niche streaming and it actually this method does work to some degree.  The major issue is a niche streamer needs to stay in that niche or risk losing the interest of the followers gained.  I've experienced my most active chats and largest volumes of new followers by streaming games that aren't anywhere near the top 10, top 20, top 50 or top 100 even.  So if niche games are you thing... you may have some hope.  If they are not however, your career as a streamer is going to be a long hard road likely not garnering the results you wanted.  
    So after all of this is said and done and we eat our reality pie, where does that leave you?  Well you could give up right now and not bother with streaming.  You may save yourself some gray hair and frustration by making that decision.  Or, you could go into streaming with a positive attitude but armed with what I have shared here with you.  In other words, don't get into streaming thinking about quitting your day job and getting rich and popular.  You have a better chance of winning the lottery or being struck by lighting.  If you go into streaming and just simply have fun with what you have in terms of time and equipment then you will find streaming to be a pleasant experience for the most part. 
    That really is the key to streaming - Have fun!  It shows and people along with wanting to see skill and personality, want to see someone who is working hard and having fun.  Streaming is show business so you better have a good show!
    • By LMG RagingMoos3

    Is The Battle Royale Genre Sustainable?

    Battle Royale! The genre that put Third party developers on the map, and launched no name streamers into the spotlight. The last year has seen MoBA’s and FPS’ like Overwatch put in the backseat of streaming while this new style of game gets thrusted in the spotlight. But is the success of Battle Royale sustainable? Is the short attention span of the modern day gamer entranced enough with fun dance moves, cosmetics, and the 1% chance every match of winning? This is nothing but speculation, but I will do my best to shed a light on whether or not we will be be seeing a flux of Battle Royales for years to come, and will that flooding dilute the few games that have worked to perfect the game mode and wash it into irrelevance.
     How Big is Battle Royale Now? 
    We need to start off by asking how big is the Battle Royale genre now? Between H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite, and the continued flood of new Battle Royales that are coming up and expected for release in the next few months, Twitch has plenty of games in this genre. But how popular is the “BR” game mode? According to Twitchmetrics.net, the top 10 games streamed on Twitch see an average viewer count of 573,000 viewers. Out of these viewers, 212,000 viewers are watching Battle Royals games. That means 36% of people watching Twitch at any time are watching Battle Royale games. And that is just in the top 10! This seems like a lot, and groundbreaking for companies looking to jump into this game mode and make some money, and that is part of the problem.
    Twitchtracker.com shows something otherwise, and that is fans are slowly losing interest and this really isn’t surprising. With success breads competition, and in most cases that competition helps grow something and perfect it. But in an era of Indie gamers who are able to throw a half done game together in a few months, this has lead to a dilution of the genre and a steadily growing feeling of disinterest. But everything dies after awhile right? How far has the juggernaut “BR” game mode fallen? If we look back to July of this year, a mere 2 months ago, we will see a significant change. The same two games sitting in the top 10 games streamed on Twitch, in this case Fortnite and PUBG, had an average viewership of 278,000. For those playing at home, this is a decrease in two months of 66,000 average viewers. As the summer ends, Twitch streamers see an increase in numbers, not a decrease and this decrease has lead to popular streamers like Dr. Disrespect, Summit1G and Shroud to move on and play different games while live.
    "... this has lead to a dilution of the genre and a steadily growing feeling of disinterest"
    Can the future save Battle Royale?
    This a crucial question, because my streaming career and many others may lie in the balance. Privately there is a lot of chatter and excitement around the genre when a true developer gets in the mix. So far the top names in the genre have been Epic and PUBG Corp (formerly Blue Hole until bought by Microsoft). Epic has been known for a few games in the past, Gears of War and Polygon most recently.  However PUBG Corp (a Bluehole Company) has been known for one game really, and that is PUBG. What happens to Battle Royale when a “AAA” company gets involved? Well luckily we won't have to wait long to see. Treyarch is throwing their name in the ring with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 launching October 12th, and EA doing the same with Battlefield 5 on November 20th.
    Both of these games have a cult like following, and the Black Ops 4 open beta weekend went phenomenally with a reported 167,000 average viewers (reported again by twitchmetrics.net).  Reviews have favored well for the game and is everything we have come to expect from a “AAA” franchise. The success of the “BR” genre will boil down to whichever games coming out in the next few months can split the precedent already set by PUBG Corp. and Epic Games. James Davenport, a writer from pcgamer.com seems to hint at this in an article published back in September. He indicates that there needs to be a middle ground, PUBG is focusing on realism and because of this cannot focus on weekly updates and keeping the game fresh. Fortnite focuses on fun, and cartoon absurdity with unrealistic things like the “Port-a-Rift”, a snowglobe like device that teleports you into the sky, but Davenport is optimistic Blackout (Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode) can manage that well. “I think Blackout has to be willing to go there, to change the variables radically and often. Keeping up is half the fun, and seeing the best players adapt week after week makes for a fascinating competitive scene.”  - https://tinyurl.com/y8cwb9ns

    Time will tell if the genre will die, or become something we see for decades. The influx of AAA influence from a company that can dedicate a team to keeping a game mode balanced, and updated for replayability will surely go a long way in saving a dull genre. I have said since last year on my stream that once a big player comes into the mix, it will revolutionize the game mode forever. If early indications from Black Op 4’s weekend open beta are any early indication, the game is already on its way to competing with Fortnite, who averages more than 150,000 average viewers at peak times. This is a very good problem to have, especially for Battlefield 5 that launches a month later who gets to sit back and watch.
    For the better part of 2018 the conversation has been PUBG or Fortnite, I am looking forward to 2019 and seeing if these games remain popular or are phased out as the next batch of “Hot-Ticket” games come out backed by money, ad investments, and an already proven team. I think the Battle Royale genre is here to stay, and this is a very good thing.
    • By Sectator26
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