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xbox Ian's Monster Hunter World FAQ ... well mostly

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Ok everyone who plays. I have seen lots of confusion on discord to a few things. I hope to help clear that up a little bit now.


There is a learning curve to this game. As others can attest you will want to throw your controller, quit the game ( i have rage quit more than one time) I am personally at the writing of this almost 60 hours in, I have not finished the main campaign if there is an end. I have done countless activities both grouped and solo, both are terrific. If you can make it to hour 6 or 8 or get up to and past the Anjanath the game really opens up to more group activities that are easier to get into.  I also suggest trying ALL the weapons available. Each has their own pros and cons. I also sugest using it before hunting something you have not hunted before so you know how it handles, I made this mistake on my first couple Anjanath attempts.


There is also a thing called a Guild card, I am still not 100% sure what it does. I do know there is an achievement to get 50 of them. So to help each other out either upon joining a session or before departing a session just send it to all in the game.


Squad information I have gathered. ****** UDPATED***********


  You can join a squad by creating your own, or by being invited by another player while in the Gathering Hub.

You can belong to up to eight squads at once, so feel free to team up with different groups of friends and other hunters with common goals.

- One squad can have up to 50 members.
- Only squad leaders have permission to invite and remove members from the squad.
- You will automatically be removed from any squads that you have not set to active within 30 consecutive days, or if you have not played the game within 30 consecutive days. This excludes squads you are the leader of.


Online sessions


    1. There are 3 types of sessions, Private, Public, and Squad

         If you are in a private session people can only join if you invite them. A public session anyone can join, friends, strangers, and squad members. In a squad session ONLY member of your squad can join even if you invite someone they will not be able to join with out the squad tag.

    2. If you join a friends session there are only 2 instances you will actually run into them in game world. In the Gathering hub and on a posted quest. Anything other than this you are basically in your own game.

   3. If you need help on a quest you can post that quest and up to 4 people (depending on quest type) can join you,  but if you have not seen the cut scene for the story quest you will be unavailble to join until this has happened ( I personally hate this makes grouping up a pain in the ass)


I will update this as I gather new information and any other hunters out there please feel free to add to this in the comments.



***** Update GUILD CARDS affect your Pailco safaris the more guild cards the more options for Palicos to send on them *******



Oh yeah Vouchers the ones you get for logging in Daily... you can only hold up to 5 at a time, these will give you extra rewards if you are successful with your quest, this works on all posted quests.



Before hunts visit the Canteen eating meals will boost many of your attributes from health and Stamina to attack damage as well as Palico buffs.








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Thanks @Ian0920. I wish I knew this 2 weeks ago.

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LMG RagingMoos3
3 hours ago, Ian0920 said:

Squads are limited to 16 players. (the one I created has one spot left as of this writing, I suggest someone else create another one)

    2.  Squad sessions are basically private sessions ONLY available to those in your squad and no more than 16 players

    3. You can be a member of up to 8 different squads.


Didn't know you can belong to 8.  I will start a SQUAD up as well so more players can get into one.  


Great work @Ian0920

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Still need to work on how to explain the safaris and investigations to new comers, there are so many working parts to this game I wish i knew even half of it.  I will continue to do research on the stuff i don't know and what i keep seeing as confusion to others on discord .

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LMG RagingMoos3

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