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  • My girlfriend told me to stop playing Pokemon as it was childish. I started thrashing about and roared “You don’t have enough badges to control me!”
  • You know when you walk into a room and forget why you went in there? That’s God playing Sims, he just cancelled your action.
  • Dating a single mother: It’s like continuing from somebody else’s saved game.
  • You’re so bad at RPGs, when somebody asks you where you’re stuck, you say, “The file select screen
RIP TheFlaminC

LMG LIVE Episode 11: Co-Op Gaming

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RIP TheFlaminC

Howdy LMG, 


LMG LIVE is looking to get some community involvement/engagement going for next weeks podcast where we will be highlighting co-op gaming. Please feel free to comment below on some of your best and worst experiences while engaging in cooperative play, be it on console, mobile or PC. We plan on reading some of these during the cast to discuss together along with the Twitch chat. If you have any clips of these moments fill free to link them so we can show them during the cast for all to see you in your co-op glory or failure. 


Next cast will be on 4/11/18 starting around 9:30-10pm CST at https://www.twitch.tv/lmgamers_tv




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RIP TheFlaminC

I remember LAN parties where we had xbox's all over the house to play Halo and Halo 2. I remember in college guys scrapping together funds to pick up another copy and another controller just to add someone to the mix. Since joining LMG I have had great co-op experiences during drunk Forza, pubg games, Extra Life, Destiny, Destiny 2, etc.


My worst co-op experience has to be joining lfg groups during the D1 heyday and getting dropped because I didn't know the spawn rotation, best strat or have the right gun. 

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For the better part of 35 years of gaming, I had never played co-op, multiplayer, or any social gaming of any kind.  In late July of 2016, I joined LMG specifically to run the Kings Fall raid in Destiny after missing out on the previous raids just being a loner.  That first raid had to be my favorite, just for opening a new world of social gaming for me.  It was Mandy's (tag at the time) event, and I think serge and angered may have been in there as well.  We didn't finish, but being 'initiated' by Mandy made the event a blast.  "Okay, new guys stand here and jump" on the warpriest stage and "new guys walk out here" on the wall of "dicks" in particular come to mind.


Worst co-op experience(s) were any time I was 'that guy' who wiped the team over and over because I couldn't make the jump, be in the right place, missed the shot, or just plain died.  The best part of LMG, however, is that everyone has been 'that guy or gal' at some point in the learning curve, and everyone understands and helps out.

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